About Us

American Eagle Holdings LLC is a privately owned company that partners with land owners, developers, general contractors and realtors to provide turnkey solutions for real-estate development. Our partners are deep in the real-estate and development market and can provide valuable market information that can make the difference between a profitable development and a failed development.

Our Investors and Land Owners: Our land owners are well-capitalized and have the ability to sell, lease or develop. We have significant inventory of vacant commercial lots designed for single-tenant users, and we can provide the financing for users who wish to lease, but have the building built to their corporate specs. For homebuilders we can provide raw land or finished lots on rolling options.

Our Developers and General Contractors: Old World Communities LLC is our development and general contractor partner. They are well respected in the local governments and can provide entitlement and zoning services, development and general contractor services a la carte or turnkey. They have substantial experience in medical office space, retail, apartments, subdivisions and developed 1000's of acres of land.

American Eagle partners with several brokers and market specialists to acquire, lease and sell property. These brokers are first-in-class in single-tenant occupancy, inner city land and homebuilding.